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News & Reviews

Mac Faoro's Take Off EP
By Charlotte Blackwell

Take Off is a six song debut EP from 19-year-old Vancouver, native Mac Faoro. The British Columbian writes, performs and produces all is own music and so far he has done a great job. Girls of all ages are going to swoon over Faoro and its not all because of his looks. Mac Faoro can sing! .


Shelby Lauren aims to inspire with music
By Erin Blondeau

Teenager singer/songwriter Shelby Lauren performing in Houston, Tx., on Jan. 17-18 as part of the Inifi Tour.

The Maladies of Adam Stokes' City of Trees
By Nathanael Hall

The modern music industry has found itself flushed, in recent years, with misguided artists attempting to recreate the Folk movement of the mid-60's, while also striving for mainstream credit and attention. These two counter-intuitive directions are butting heads to create something that sounds like Bobby Dylan and Cyndi Lauper decided to cut an album but refused any attempts at finding common ground.