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No misunderstanding this Texan

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July 24th 2012
By Nicholas M. Pescod - Radio Nation

When country singer, Ashliegh Lisset was 11-years-old she received some of the hardest news any young girl could get. She learned that her father passed away in Iraq while he was serving for the United States. The Texan used music as a means of therapy and coping.

“My songs are definitely based off of real life experiences,” Lisset says. “I feel like I have to be inspired. My lyrics you hear them, they are very true and to the point. They are very raw and emotional and I don’t necessarily hold back.”

“I am very hard on myself and I don’t ever want to put something out there that is filled with half the emotion that it should,” she adds.

The country music singer says the seven-track album will have a range of sounds on it.

“It’s a definitely a variety of sounds, it ranges from country all the way to rock,” Lisset says. “They are feel good songs but there are low key songs that I think everybody can relate too.”

While Lisset is planning on having seven songs on her first EP, she admits picking them wasn’t easy.

“I definitely had a very hard time choosing certain songs,” Lisset says. “I want to show people what my voice is capable of.”

Lisset feels that Misunderstood will be an album that people from all over can relate too.

“I am very hard on myself and I will sit there and listen to a song over and over again just fix certain parts,” she says. “I sit there and I think ‘Okay what is somebody think about when they hear this? Can somebody relate to this? Has somebody gone through this?’ I definitely want people to live through my music with me. I don’t just write music for me I write music for everybody else.”

Listeners will notice the change in maturity in Lisset’s song writing from her previous three songs.”

“I can’t keep singing songs from when I was 15 because as you go on you experience more things and your voice matures.”

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