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Candice Chantrell's Behind The Mic

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March 13th 2012
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

Candice Chantrell's "Behind the Mic" has very strong lyrics and a strong attitude. The music has a consistent rhythm feel to it that is admirable, and even though I don't listen to much R&B I felt the CD was alright. Chantrell has a beautiful voice that flows evenly throughout. I enjoyed that the songs were longer than most songs of this time era, it shows her band put a lot of thought into each song.

'Beautiful Music' and 'Life is Beautiful' were exceptional,they had a different taste than rest of album. Together they deserve five out of five. The intro guitar part on 'Beautiful Music' is indeed beautiful, and has a little Spanish feel. 'Life is Beautiful' stood out to me because it didn't have the same beat the rest of the songs did and spoke to a wider range of audience just because of the title; it's not about love in general, but is about hope.

I would rate the album three out of five. Most of the songs did sound very much alike, but there were the two songs I really liked. The lyrics had a nice and strong attitude, and the fact that the songs were between three and four minutes was tasteful.

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