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Born From Ashes' Better Left Unsaid

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September 8th 2013
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

I have to admit, I fell in love with this album at the third track. It struck me as different in the complete punk-metal genre, being able to pick up hints of quickly picked acoustic-Spanish sounding-guitar, powerful melodies, and even more powerful lyrics. The music overall is so strongly unique, intense, and fun to listen to. If you're not at least nodding your head while listening to this music, getcher ear checked. Born From Ashes is steady, leaving a booming effect on any listener. The whole album itself has acoustic guitar that is really sweet and different for a metal band. Be sure to see the last track for some real edge with an acoustic backing, it was my favorite.

The members of the band work so well together and can honestly play great music. The fusion that they create with their voices, instruments, and just the way they sound is astonishing. It's almost hard to believe the album has yet to be mastered. Though tough to put a real label on, Born From Ashes can be described as alternative metal/punk-metal/octane-chaotic rock. Vocals are almost dueling between the screams and the smoothness, pounding and unrelenting, but for some reason you can't stop listening and the album is on repeat in your CD player.

Each song is unique and different from the next, yet at the same time they can carry into each other as if the pieces from one song fit perfectly into the next. It can pick a person up out of a bad mood with its anger, almost creating a bubble waiting to burst that is solid like concrete. The music is crisp but raw, filled with passion, and fueled by intensity and hardness.

You will not find another metal band like Born From Ashes: they are the one of best Orlando metal bands I have heard. Nothing about their music is mundane. They're simply revolutionary.

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