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Jessica Speziale's Dear Reverie

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September 11th 2013
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

Singer/songwriter Jessica Speziale reflects her talent as a musician, vocalist, writer, and producer with six memorable songs known as the 2011 album ‘Dear Reverie’. While labeled pop, I found much more in this album, including rock, ballads, country, and classical sounds that made it stand out. Each song sounded carefully crafted and polished, but was mainly focused on Speziale’s own style and appreciation for music. While Speziale awesomely covered the vocals, acoustic guitar, and AUX percussion, her band of Charlie Cooley on drums, Luke Roberts on electric guitar, and Gabe Salem on bass provided their own talent to make a dominating album.

“Don’t Look Down” reminded me of an old classic rock ballad that I used to love when I was much younger. It had small hints of an orchestral harmony throughout it, and I feel like Speziale had the most range both musically and vocally on this song. For me it was the most unique song on the album because it had those little orchestral hints mixed with pop, country, and rock.
The title track of the album (“Dear Reverie”) was also a great song, and was different than the other songs on the album. It had a concluding feel to it that was interesting and great for the album. The melody for the guitar was very cool, and I really liked it.

With captivating lyrics and unique melodies, ‘Dear Reverie’ reflected Jessica Speziale in a powerful way to me. In feeling like her music will only get greater as time progresses, I would give her album a four out of five. Speziale has a lot of skill and credibility as a musician, and I’m excited to see how it develops in the future and albums to come.

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