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Ania Ziemirska's I Was The Girl

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February 29th 2012
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

Finding an album that speaks to you is rare, unique, and amazing. The Ania Ziemirska EP "I Was the Girl" did exactly this for me. Relationships can sometimes be hard and get the heart and mind stimulated to write, and it seems that this is exactly what Ziemirska had with her music.

She has a distinctive rock/indie voice that helped express her words and a unique sound with a classic melody and chord progression for each song. She's not afraid to be herself in her music, which is always a good approach for local musicians trying to make it completely global.

What I really found intriguing about the album was she added the dates when the songs were written (maybe recorded), possibly showing what she was going through at the time. She is able to easily and freely express her emotion while keeping her chilling mood. The track I liked the best was 'Giving Love A Try'. It may be because I have undergone similar situations, but when I heard her vocals cut through the lyrics and the changing of the rhythm in the melodic tone, it stood out.

Each song was beautifully written, together a four out of five. The tune was catchier than the lyrics, and after listening to the album twice with a time period between, the tune stuck more.

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