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Last Bullet's Self-Titled EP

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July 12th 2012
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

The members of Last Bullet are definitely a tight band; you can tell by how well the music flows together. Bryan Føntez has an amazing voice that defines rock n' roll, and there's no doubting in Brenden Armstrong's sensational guitar licks. With Will Shannon and Leo D keeping the mood and beat in check, and Michael Silva on rhythm, Last Bullet creates a raw yet ear-catching mood that sticks with the listener for times to come.

Each song had a good length to it, between three and four and a half minutes, perfect for radio play. The lyrics and tune were very complimentary to each other, which is always really nice to find in new bands. The song that stuck out to me the most was 'What is Meant to Be'. It had a really beautiful mood with Armstrong's guitar progression, and all together a different mood than the rest of the EP. The lyrics stood out to me as well; I found myself singing the song a while after listening. It was easy to follow and nice to listen to after a long day.

Being their first public debut of music, Last Bullet and their EP are true to the roots of rock, and I would rate the album a five out of five. The mood of the entire album as a whole was remarkable, rememberable, and simply to the core. The members speak together as a band in a great way, and have their own twist to the same roots that musicians before them have established: raw rock n' roll.

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