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Michala Todd's Millions of Pieces

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August 25th 2012
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

Although only six songs, Michala Todd has proven herself a musician with her EP, “Millions of Pieces”. Putting a new twist on current pop with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies. Todd has a strong voice throughout; not only vocally, but mentally: she is not afraid to sing how she feels.

All of her songs are pleasantly different, from the first track ‘Make it Work’ being very pop sounding to the fourth track ‘In Between’, which was slower and had a really nice flow and melody. The final track, ‘The Dare’, definitely sums up the entire EP. It’s a sweet finale to a great EP.

The song that really made itself known to me had a fantastic beat, relatable lyrics, and great rhyme scheme. This song was ‘House of Glass’, and is now the first on the playlist I listen to while driving. The tone and mood of this song were excellent, and the melody really outlined the strength, control, and simple beauty of Todd’s voice. The background beat was very ear-catching, and stuck with me more than any of the other songs.

Aside from the obvious strength Todd posses in her music, she also creates a sense of control and remembrance in her songs. It was altogether fantastic, and I would rate her EP a four and a half out of five. Honestly, I am more of a rock type of person, and I never really liked pop. However, Todd has convinced me otherwise, and this EP definitely made an impact on me. If you want a new pop CD with nice meaning and flow, definitely check out Michala Todd’s “Millions of Pieces”.

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