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Ashliegh Lisset's Misunderstood

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October 30th 2012
By Jenna Cocozziello - Radio Nation

If you like traditional country with a hint of a rock soul, you will love Ashliegh Lisset’s EP ‘Misunderstood’. With a wide vocal range and a strength both lyrically and vocally, Lisset lets you see the world through her eyes with six amazing tracks of pure heart. She brings about a classic country sound, but puts a new catch in it that makes it addictive and purely her own. The harmony between the backing instruments and Lisset’s voice is unparalleled and syncs perfectly with each other. With guitar solos in each song and a sturdy melodic structure built upon it, this EP radiates raw talent.

It was near impossible to pick a favourite song from this album. “Always You” is romantic and can connect to many other listeners. A girl always has one person that they can feel like they can be with forever and count on, and this song perfectly captured the loving feeling. The classical guitar style is different than the rest of the songs, and it was defining of the album. The sixth track, “Misunderstood”, is such a sweet song; it has a slower feel and expresses Lisset’s feelings intimately. It is a fantastic end to the EP; to me, it looks like she is not pleading for acceptance, but is stating that looks are deceiving and the girl on the inside is different than what the world sees.

With this fantastic EP, Ashliegh Lisset’s musical future is looking bright. Her country/rock feel is like none other I’ve heard from a modern artist, and her music could connect with any listener. ‘Misunderstood’ has truly left its mark on me as a first EP, and deservingly gets a five out of five. Lisset has a tremendous amount of talent-and simply emotion-with her music, and I am eagerly awaiting to hear more from her. If you are like me and go into some music thinking, “Country isn’t my thing”, think again. Ashliegh Lisset will change your mind for the better.

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