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Teenager making big first steps

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January 15th 2014
By Erin Blondeau with files by Nicholas M. Pescod - Radio Nation

For Texas singer Shelby Lauren her dedication to music is starting to pay off.

Lauren will be performing on Jan. 18, in Houston as part of the InfiniTour featuring headliners Sam Pottoroff and Brent Rivera.

"They gave me the opportunity to perform," she says. "I'm really excited."

The InfiniTour is not only an excellent opportunity for the Houston, Texas native, but it could also give her the ability to achieve her next goal.

"My goal is to inspire people," Lauren says. "I hope that my music will be inspirational to people."

She’ll be playing covers for her first gig at the InfiniTour, but Lauren ambitiously foresees playing her own music for audiences in the future.

"I am just going to do covers," she says. "Later on I might bring up my own originals."

Although Lauren has only recently delved into her professional career, she explains how her father has continued to be an inspiration and mentor.

"My dad is a singer too, he plays the saxophone," she says. "He's a Christian artist and he really has been inspiring me to sing and get better."

Fellow Texan and YouTuber Austin Mahone has tenaciously shown Lauren just how far a person's perseverance can go.

"I think about how he came from nothing. He went from a small town boy in Texas who just started on YouTube to what he is today," she said.

Lauren is also slated to perform on the Rewind Tour this summer. 

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